Everything you
need to know on
how to make an appointment

Making or cancelling an appointment

If YOU HAVE a family physician at the Trois Lacs Medical Center

Fill out this form to have an appointment with your physician or with another health professionnal. A secretary will contact you as soon as possible.


** Delay may occur during Holidays. Thank you for your understanding. **

At any time, you can also call the center at 450-455-3322 to make an appointment or talk to a receptionnist.

If you don’t have a family physician at Trois Lacs Medical Center

To have an appointment at Trois Lacs medical center small emergencies clinic, you must go on www.rvsq.gouv.qc.ca.

To cancel an appointment that you got on rvsq.gouv.qc.ca, please fill that form.

If you have any concern or question regarding your health, you can always call 811 to speak to a nurse – Health Info.

In case of emergency, go to the nearest hospital.

If you need a family physician, follow this procedure.

We have moved, we are now located at
Cité-des-Jeunes street, suite 300, Vaudreuil-Dorion.